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Body Scrub


Narita’s Traditional Asian Style Body Scrub

Body Scrub Only
Our signature package! Start with a relaxing shower and sauna and experience a stimulating authentic Japanese style body scrub that exfoliates your entire body. Feel the warm water running down your body as we exfoliate head to toe, followed by a soothing massage that increase circulation. Treatment includes fresh cucumber face mask and hair shampoo and conditioning. You will fall in love all over again!


Royal Treatment Package
This is Narita Specialty Combination of Scrub and Massage. You can choose Traditional Style or Luxury European Style.

Royal Couple Treatment Package

Narita’s Luxury European Style Body Treatment

Sea Salt Scrub
The beautiful high notes of citrus and peppermint aroma oil blended with purified sea salt removesmflakiness and invigorates the skin.

Honey Milk Body Glow
The treatment begins with hydrating body shampoo to remove roughness and flakiness, followed by Honey Milk Body Mask to wrap the body that leaves skin smooth and glowing healthy.

Detoxifying Mud Wrap
This treatment starts with Exfoliating body shampoo to remove dead cell skin followed by Aroma Sea Salt Mineralization which reduces water-retention. The body is Cocooned with Detox-Algae body mask to release of toxin. Enjoy the body lightness and silky skin.

Back Facial
A through cleansing intended to remove impurities. Ideal for those prone to problematic skin and acne on the back.

Anti-Cellulite Body Peel
Our cellulite treatment targets prime dimple area with AHA peel to optimize break down of the cellulite. Friction massage w/ cellulite cream, followed by Ant-Cellulite Peel off Pack.

Slimming Fat Buster
Narita’s intensive slimming treatment gives you instant body shaping. The silhouette appears slimmer and contours firmer.